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#19: Angel Island

Posted on August 5, 2015 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This week on Transit Accessible Attractions we will be talking about Angel Island.

Angel Island is a California State Park, and is the largest natural island in the Bay Area. Nestled in the waters of the San Francisco Bay, Angel Island provided visitors with astonishing views of the surrounding urban landscape. 

Angel Island has a fascinating history few other places can surpass. The island has been habited by humans for tens of thousands of years, starting with the native people of the Coast Miwok. Angel Island served as a local hunting location for tribes, as well as a stop for food and supplies for travelers.

In the early 1900's, Angel Island's U.S. Immigration Station processed thousands upon thousands of immigrants, particularly from China. During the Second World War, German and Japanese POWs were detained before being sent to facilities further inland on Angel Island. 

Angel Island as a State Park began to take shape in 1954, when the western side of the Island, Ayala Cove, was dedicated as a State Park for visitors. By the time all military personnel left in the early 60's, the entire island was declared a California State Park.

To preserve the natural beauty of Angel Island, the only way to reach the island is through ferries. The Blue & Gold Fleet Ferries transport thousands of visitors every year, and are just one of two ferry services that provide trips to Angel Island. 

The Blue & Gold Fleet Ferries run from the Ferry Building, Pier 41, and Angel Island, before returning to San Francisco. Ferries wait 10 minutes at Angel Island before returning to the City. 

During weekdays, there is one service that starts at the Ferry Building and ends at Angel Island, stopping at Pier 41 along the way. This ferry departs the Ferry Building at 9:15 AM. The next ferry, at 1:05 PM, begins its journey at Pier 41, continuing to Angel Island. The last trip starts at Angel Island at 3:10 PM and returns to Pier 41.

During weekends and holidays, there are four ferries that run to Angel Island - two start at the Ferry Building, stopping at Pier 41 and continuing to Angel Island. One starts at Pier 41, arrives Angel Island, and terminates at Pier 41 once again. The last ferry starts at Angel Island and travels to Pier 41.

The other ferry service to Angel Island is the Angel Island/Tiburon Ferry. This ferry service travels between Downtown Tiburon and Angel Island in approximately 10 minutes. The Angel Island/Tiburon Ferry's schedule varies depending on the month. To view the ferry's schedule, visit

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